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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling -


Carolyn Resnick -


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GaWaNi Ponyboy -


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Video highlights of Horse Sessions



Natural Horsemanship Equipment (UK Websites) - Rope Halters, Bitless Bridles, Treeless Saddles etc.


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Recommended Viewing (Educational DVDs)


Path of the Horse - Beautiful & insightful documentary with the world's leading groundbreaking equestrians


Klaus Ferdiand Hempfling - Dancing with Horses

Coming Together


Alexander Nevzorov - Nevzorov Ecole Principles


Recommended Reading


Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling - It's not I who seek the Horse, the Horse seeks me


Dancing with Horses (also available on DVD)


Frederic Pignon & Migali Delgado - Gallop to Freedom


Carolyn Resnick - Naked Liberty


Linda Kohanov - The Tao of Equus


Riding Between the Worlds


Mark Rashid - Considering the Horse


GaWaNi Ponyboy - Horse Follow Closely