What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

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for an informal discussion


As Equine Assisted Psychotherapist (EAP) I will help you explore issues of power, authenticity, communication, boundaries, assertiveness and self worth.

All with the help of the Horses.


The work is experiential in nature so you can learn through experiencing,

by participating in activities with the horses, then processing the feelings afterwards.


Together we will set clear goals you wish to achieve


An initial assessment will take place to ensure this form of therapy is suitable to your needs. If not, I will discuss with you the further options available to us


Further sessions will also establish Health and Safety, horse handling,

how EAP works and set structures for the work.


Equine assisted therapy is a non-riding experience and open to anyone with or without horse experience.


Horse are congruent and empathic animals that can mirror our emotions and teach us about power and boundaries, whilst connecting us to what lies hidden or buried within ourselves.


This innate mirroring provides an opportunity for us to change behaviour

and witness immediate responses.



Horses help us to reconnect to a bodily experience of knowing and the freedom to act upon that knowing. They help us to overcome fear and develop confidence, whilst providing insights into how we respond to intimidating and challenging situations in our life.



Equine Assisted Therapy in




"Although at the beginning I was very scared of horses, today I realised that the biggest fear was that I could be as powerful as the horses"

"I knew how hard it was for me to be a leader but I did not know why.

Now I know"


"It is within the herd that i have finally found my voice.....long forgotten but not lost.

Thank you Cleo and Sultana for allowing me to be part of the herd"

Healing with Horses

one day workshop


One day experiential personal development group workshop, via the relationship with horses and Dramatherapy.

A day of experiencing and enhancing self-confidence, focus, awareness, clear, authentic communication and playfulness.

No riding involved.

Counselling and Supervision


As part of Spirit Project we also offer

one-to-one Counselling and Supervision

to women



The clinicis based in Huthwaite (Sutton-in-Ashfield) Mansfield





" Spirited, spiritual - the spirit of the horse is difficult to define and impossible to pin down.

But what is clear is that the importance of horses, in legends, myths and folk tales

from around the world is significant.


They impact deeply upon humans on many levels.

To storytellers, shamans and truth-seekers of all sorts, this essential connection needs exploration.


All the ideas, stores and beliefs that have grown up around this creature reveal one certain thing:

at the deepest level of our being, humans need the horse."


Elaine Walker - The Horse